Our 2018 Fundraiser will be held on Thursday, February 15th!
Starting at 6pm at The Irish Snug (downstairs)

Please RSVP to attend via email to
Cost - $20 (comes with 4 raffle tickets)

The 2018 event is to raise funds for environmental and humanitarian projects in Colorado, parts of the U.S affected by natural disasters and in developing countries. The Foundation encourages volunteerism to connect people, places and projects.


The ERO Charitable Foundation was started in 2010 to provide grants for humanitarian and environmental projects and to promote volunteerism to participate in those projects. Specifically, the ERO Charitable Foundation:

  • Assists other nonprofit organizations that restore or conserve habitats in Colorado; developing countries within North, Central, and South America; Africa; and Asia; or in areas that have been affected by natural disasters or other crises.
  • Assists other nonprofit organizations that provide humanitarian services to needy communities in Colorado; developing countries within North, Central, and South America; Africa; and Asia; and to populations displaced by natural disasters and other crises.
  • Provides grants to support needy communities or populations displaced by natural disasters or other crises by making donations to other nonprofit organizations that are providing the needed services.

If you are interested in receiving a grant, you must identify your project or organization (501 (c) (3) or equivalent) and submit an application to the Foundation Board. If you have questions, please click on the "Contact/Submission Information" link on the right.

1Contact/Submission Information

Please submit your Grant Application by mail, fax or email to:

ERO Charitable Foundation
1842 Clarkson Street
Denver CO 80218
Fax: 303-830-1199
Email: Leigh Rouse
or Clint Henke

5Grant Application Guidelines
The following guidelines apply when requesting a grant from the ERO Charitable Foundation:

• All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation Board.

• Grants will depend on available funding; the grant will not exceed $3,000.

• Volunteer grants are open to ERO employees, family members, friends, clients, and the public.

• Volunteer service must be for nonprofit organizations or causes that restore or conserve natural habitats, or humanitarian efforts in needy communities or populations.

• The volunteer activity must take place in Colorado; developing countries in Central or South America, Africa, or Asia; or in areas affected by natural disasters or other crises.

• Application deadlines will be January 15 and July 15, or as otherwise specified by the Foundation Board. Applicants will have six months upon approval of proposals to use the allocated funds unless otherwise approved by the Foundation Board.

• Applicants must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult over 18.
30Foundation Board Members 2018

Leigh Rouse, ERO Resources
Clint Henke, ERO Resources
Ron Bean, ERO Resources
Joe Juergensen, Muller Engineering
Jim Wulliman, Muller Engineering 

402017 Grant Recipients

2017 Grant Recipients:

  • Alissa Plumley - volunteered to construct a medical clinic in Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Spencer and Katie Wells - volunteered to construct a children’s home in Malindi, Kenya
  • Kristi Hemmer – facilitated an Empowerment Camp for girls and provided funds for an innovation lab in Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria relief


2015 Grant Recipients

2014 Grant Recipients

2013 Grant Recipients

302016 Grant Recipients

MountainChild –  Received a grant for 200 water filters for remote village in Nepal.

CORDEA – Received a grant to construct pit latrines for schools in Ekanjoh Village Community, Cameroon, Africa.

Louviers Village Club – Received a grant for trees and landscape materials for Louviers, Colorado Parks and Open Space.